Kinsfolk Census To Do Table

  • Skill Level: Advanced and Intermediate
  • FH versions: V4, V5, and V6
  • Download type: Individual Queries 

This query evolved from the earlier Census – The Missing Years download.

Kinsfolk Census To Do Table lists Individuals with an incomplete UK Census history to be researched.

Any Census Event with an incorrect or partial Date is treated as incomplete.

  • It shows n/a in the results where an Individual is “not alive” at the Census date, or shows the Date from the Census Event for that year, but leaves it blank where a Census is missing.
  • It considers Individual Census events and Family Census (family) events for the first 4 families.
  • Entries are sorted by the DoB# birth day number column, because the Date columns sort as text not dates.
  • The Birth Date, Marriage Date & Death Date cells are all prefixed with a space character, so if exported to a spreadsheet the dates are retained as text, because dates earlier than 1900 are often not supported.
  • People who have no Birth date, or died before the 1841 Census, or were born after the 1939 Register are not listed.
  • Birth and Death dates are derived from actual Birth, Baptism, Christening, Death, Burial & Cremation dates, or the key dates of close relatives, and the Tools > Preferences > Estimates.
  • When no actual Birth or Death date exists, then an estimated date is shown prefixed with tilde (~).

Shows result of custom Query

See also the sister query Kinsfolk Census Done Table

Author: MikeTate Version: 1.3 Date: 19 Jan 2019

Download: Kinsfolk Census To Do Table