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Reference 625
Title Free Form Citation Entry capability
Category General
Description Proposal: The ability to create and cite a Source that has manually entered or pasted Bibliography Footnote and/or Short Footnotes. Ideally, this would be supported for both Templated and Generic Sources.

These Footnotes etc. should consist of plain text, FH Template Format style codes, and/or Source Template Field references for consistency with the corresponding format definitions in Source Templates or for Generic sources.

It should be possible to paste formatted content from the web or other sources, in the same way as formatted content can be posted into Text from Source etc.

It should be possible to import such sources (retaining all formatting compatible with FH) from RootsMagic and other genealogical applications from which direct import is supported.

All normal edit operations should be possible. It would be desirable to allow a larger edit field for these Footnotes etc. as they can get quite complex.

It should also be possible to reset a source to the automatically produced equivalents.

Background and Benefits: One or more genealogy programs already permit the user to manually enter, or cut-and-paste, formatted text to define the Bibliography, Footnote and Short Footnote; this is often referred to as a Freeform Citation.

Having this capability in FH7 would be particularly useful for users of Evidence Explained style, due to the unpredictable structure of the citations and the importance of formatting in that methodology. It would also improve the direct import capability programs such as RootsMagic. It would also enable users to paste citation information from e.g. Ancestry or Zotero, or specialist companion genealogical applications.

Allowing source template field substitution (especially at citation level) would provide extra flexibility to make the feature useful for both splitters and lumpers.

Web Link https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22449
Votes 10
Rating 3.8
Added Saturday 18th November 2023
Last Vote Sunday 11th February 2024


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