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Reference 624
Title Create Custom Diagram Box Presets
Category Diagrams
Description Issues:
In Text tab of the Diagram Options the user can create a custom text scheme and add it to the list
of available schemes. But on the Boxes tab there is only a limited selection of ‘Presets’, supplied by CP,
and the user cannot add their own custom scheme to the list.

This makes it difficult to apply a custom Box Scheme to a Saved Chart, because the box settings have
to be laboriously entered for each old Saved Chart.
(Using a new Custom Diagram Type means that the chart is rebuilt, so the overall configuration and additions,
if any, to the Chart are lost).

It also means that the effects of applying a different Box Scheme cannot be tested quickly in the
same way as testing the application of a Text Scheme.

Users should be able to add their own custom Box Settings schemes to the existing list of Presets
(perhaps renamed Box Schemes, analogous to the list of Text Schemes in the Text tab).

This will enable the user to apply a different set of box conditions to an existing Diagram or Saved Chart,
in the same way that a different Text scheme can be applied, without changing any other settings or having
to rebuild and reconfigure the diagram.
Web Link https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20001
Votes 23
Rating 4.0
Added Monday 30th October 2023
Last Vote Sunday 11th February 2024


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