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Reference 620
Title Facts tab Date column custom Format
Category Properties Dialog
Description Issue:
The Property Box, Facts tab, Date column currently seems to use the Date format Abbrev(2).
For some fact Date values, this format can produce obscure or misleading displays.
btw 12 Dec 1868 and 19 Jan 1869 is displayed as 1868-1869 which obscures the details.
before 25 Dec 1868 is displayed as Bef 1868 which is quite misleading.
See the FH Help in General Topics > Date Formats for display details.

Allow the Property Box, Facts tab, Date column Format to be chosen by the user.
That could be achieved via the Tools > Preferences > Property Box settings.
The setting would apply to both the Individual and Family Property Box Facts tabs.
Diagram Options Edit Text Scheme Date Format setting.
Report Options Format tab Date Format setting.
Those settings use a droplist of formats such as Year, Long, Compact, Abbrev, Abbrev(2), Abbrev(3), Abbrev(4)

Some of those Date Format options display more characters than will fit in the default Date column width.
The Date column width can be adjusted by the user but it is not preserved even during one FH session.
Thus the Date column width chosen by the user needs to be preserved indefinitely.
It would be convenient if the Fact, Age & More column widths were also preserved indefinitely.

Web Link https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=22350
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Rating 3.7
Added Tuesday 24th October 2023
Last Vote Sunday 11th February 2024


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