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Reference 591
Title Diagrams to have option to present facts in strict fact date order
Category Diagrams
Description Requirement

An option to chose to present the facts selected in a text scheme in date order rather than tag group order.


Allows users (and output readers) to view a timeline for individuals in a diagram.

  1. This might be achieved by a checkbox on the Edit Text Scheme Dialogue
  2. Undated items to be at the top after Name etc., except for (non-fact) notes which are to be at the end
  3. Attributes to be listed by start date
  4. Sort dates where given take primacy over "fact dates"
  5. Least specific dates to come before more specific dates (e.g. 1874, then Q1 1874, then Jan 1874, then 23 Jan 1874)
  6. Order of same dated items to be determined by the order in the Text Scheme.
  7. The Primary Name appears in the Scheme's initial text format
  8. Everything else appears in the format described by the first text format change
  9. Other Format of items(indents etc.) to be determined by their Text Scheme entries.
  10. Nested (Grouped)Items to include the Superior Lines for each occurrence. For instance: Image
    Rendered as:
    • Marriages and Relationships
      -- Catherine of Aragon
      -- -- Married 1509
    • Marriages and Relationships
      -- Catherine of Aragon
      -- -- Divorced 1553
    • etc.
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Votes 6
Rating 3.3
Added Friday 16th December 2022
Last Vote Sunday 7th April 2024


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