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Reference 586
Title Allow reports to split very wide tables dynamically
Category Reports
Description Tables in source text or notes when displayed in reports can be too wide to fit on the page, particularly when 20th century census records are transcribed. Changing font size or narrowing the columns will usually not help in these situations. Splitting the table up within the source text itself would be possible but is not desirable as there is no need to split the table when viewing it normally in FH. Furthermore, there would be no need to split the table if viewed on larger page sizes such as A3 or on a website. We would like a report option to be available to automatically split a table when it becomes too wide for the page. Probably the best option being to add numbering to the rows to make it easier to see the matching rows across the split.
Web Link https://fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=21140
Votes 6
Rating 3.8
Added Thursday 15th December 2022
Last Vote Thursday 19th January 2023


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