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Title Grid Lock on Diagrams
Category Diagrams
Description Posted on: 10/09/06 at 08:47:07 GMT

The ability to move items around in Diagrams makes them very flexible, but the alignment of moved items, particularly the horizontal alignment on a top to bottom direction, relies on how good your eye is.

I would like a Grid Lock function similar to those you find in drawing packages.

If you turn this on then it would only be possible to move items so that the top edge of boxes are aligned across rows.

As in drawing packages, any that were moved prior to the Grid Lock being switched on can stay where they are.

This would really be only a grid lock in one direction as individual vertical alignment depends on the variable width of boxes and the number of siblings.

This would make it easier to keep Diagrams with a lot of moved items looking presentable.
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Rating 3.1
Added Monday 11th September 2006 03:34 PM
Last Vote Thursday 12th December 2019 07:15 PM


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