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Reference 255
Title Remember current record when FH re-opened or ged updated externally
Category General
Description When using external Gedcom programs on the currect file (eg GEDCOMcensus) remember the current
record in use when the file is updated.

(Note WL#504 has been merged in

In other Genealogy programs it is apparent which individual was last person viewed/edited as this person's record is displayed initially.

This wish is that an option is built to allow those who prefer this way of working to do so, and those who prefer the current way, could also continue as is.

This would apply to any Window the user has elected to use on start up and applies to both:

Re-load - when the GEDCOM file is changed by another program (such AS) while FH stays open and prompts to re-load the GEDCOM file.
Re-open - when FH has been closed and is being re-opened from scratch. )
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Rating 4.1
Added Monday 11th September 2006 03:30 PM
Last Vote Sunday 10th May 2020 01:22 PM


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