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Reference 86
Title Ability to add URL hyperlinks to entries
Category General
Description Any URL inside a "Note" has no external connection to the web. (Wording updated 15 May 2016)

Any absolute URI entered into any text field should become an active URL hyperlink.
This should support all URI protocol schemes such as http, https, mailto, ftp, etc.

In particular, the Media record FILE link should support any absolute URI, rather than have to use an intermediate URL Shortcut file.

These URL hyperlinks should be active in all on-screen dialogues, including Diagrams and Reports.

Note that FH already recognises such URI when publishing CD/DVD/Website HTML pages and creates URL hyperlinks for them.
Web Link
Votes 120
Rating 4.0
Added Tuesday 08th August 2006 12:12 AM
Last Vote Thursday 23rd April 2020 04:54 PM


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