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Reference 290
Title Lock the Column(s) in the Records Window, Result Sets, etc
Category General
Description It would be nice to be able to Lock the first Records column in the Records Window, so that when you scroll right to view other columns the record name is still always showing.
The same idea is used to freeze columns in MS Excel.

(Note WL#331 merged in with 25 votes rating 3.1
The ability to "fix" the Records column so that it doesn't scroll horizontally, similar to Excel, so that if one has numerous columns displayed and wishes to scroll to the ones "off screen" it is still possible to see the first Records column.)

A similar feature must also apply in other lists such as Query Result Set and Plugin Result Set windows.

A feature to choose how many lefthand columns are locked would be even better. Then not only the record name but also the record id and other key columns could be frozen when scrolling right.

Other genealogy products already support this column locking feature. See also Query and Plugin Result Sets
Web Link http://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7535
Votes 55
Rating 3.7
Added Wednesday 10th January 2007
Last Vote Thursday 26th October 2023


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