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Reference 561
Title Preserve Diagram Menu Command Settings
Category Diagrams
Description When any diagram is displayed various features can be adjusted via the Diagram menu commands. Some of those settings are preserved as the default for future diagrams, but many are not. This request is for all reasonable settings to be automatically preserved as defaults and saved with Diagram Types and FH Charts.

Diagram settings that are currently preserved include:
> Expand/Close Branches > Show Expansion Buttons
> Spouse Display Options > One Box per Marriage

Diagram settings that need to be preserved include:
> Spouse Display Options > No Spouse Info
> Layout & Scaling most of these settings
> Page Boundaries > Show/Avoid Page Boundaries
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Votes 3
Rating 3.3
Added Friday 19th January 2018 04:48 PM
Last Vote Tuesday 09th October 2018 12:58 AM


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