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Reference 540
Title Display estimated Age when no Birth Date
Category Properties Dialog
Description When an Individual has no Birth Event Date recorded, their Age is not shown against any facts. This applies to both the Marriage details in the Focus Window, and the Age column of the Facts tab of the Property Box.

Optionally via Preferences, it should be possible to display an 'Estimated Age' prefixed with say a tilde (~), where the estimate is derived from the same algorithm as the =EstimatedAgeAt(...) function, which takes account of:
1) Facts such as Baptism, Christening, Christening (Adult)
2) Facts with a Date and Age, for the Individual and their close relatives
3) Tools > Preferences > Estimates
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Added Sunday 08th May 2016 08:40 PM
Last Vote Monday 13th April 2020 09:59 AM


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