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Reference 537
Title Discrete fonts for long-text fields like Notes
Category Properties Dialog
Description Background:
Monospace (fixed-width) fonts allow text to be aligned in columns (e.g. census grid).

Monospaced Facts tab columns, and short fields such as Date, Age & Place, use more space than needed and not easy to read.

Allow Font for long-text fields such as Notes, Text From Source, and Address to be defined separately from the rest of the Property Box. That Font would also apply to the popup edit window associated with each such field, but perhaps with a larger point size. Thus monospaced text appears correctly aligned in both text box and edit window.

Wish List Ref 548 Conditional Colour and Font Options may offer an alternative solution.

See WEB LINK posting for further details.
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Rating 3.0
Added Saturday 07th May 2016 11:13 PM
Last Vote Saturday 18th August 2018 03:12 PM


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