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Reference 528
Title Backup Filename Prefix/Suffix options
Category General
Description Tools > Preferences > Backup > Filename for Backup Types

I would like a selectable alternative option to add the various FH Filenames for Backup Types as Suffixes rather than Prefixes. This would permit all backups of projects of the same name to display together in date order, rather than being grouped by Type, and their Type included as supplemental detail. For example:
Smith - 2015-01-09 2030 - FH Gedcom Backup
Smith - 2016-02-01 0709 - FH Project Backup
Various other permutations may be possible including:
FH Backup - Smith - 2015-01-09 2030 Gedcom
FH Backup - Smith - 2016-02-01 0709 Project

An option to omit the hours and minutes time component would force backups within the same day to automatically overwrite leaving just the latest one.

See also Ref 187 Tidy old backup files
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Rating 3.7
Added Friday 06th May 2016 05:01 PM
Last Vote Thursday 23rd June 2016 07:17 PM


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