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Reference 505
Title Work with Data to include Authors (from Source record)
Category Lists
Description FH should be enhanced to provide a facility to "Work With Data" for the Author item on Source Records i.e.
TOOLS > Work With Data > Authors...

This facility should be analogous to that for Places and Addresses and should (as a minimum) include´┐Ż
Replace with...
List Records
Where Used

The majority of source records (at least for "splitters") have Authors that repeat to possibly a large extent,
e.g. a parish church.
The facility would give the ability to ensure consistency in the forms used (e.g. is it "Saint" in full, "St." or "St" for the church?)

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Rating 3.3
Added Thursday 26th July 2012 04:41 PM
Last Vote Tuesday 17th December 2019 08:04 PM


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