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Reference 425
Title Allow Customisation of Main Focus Window
Category Focus Window
Description Focus Window
Allow customisation so that the name the person is known by is displayed on the tabs (where there is limited space) as opposed to the full birth name
- to make record navigation and selection easier (e.g. Ethel Cliff called herself Molly and John Albert Marsh Cliff was called Bert)

Once the tab is selected and the full details appear in the focus window box, it would be good to see both names, or if lack of space, the name they went by as primary.

Currently on my diagrams I have it displayed with the birth name on the first line and the name they were called underneath
- John Albert Marsh Cliff Bert

This suggestion comes from feedback when the laptop was taken to show relatives the tree.

They were very impressed with the program but as so many of them used alternative names!

this feature would have been very handy as we kept switching between the records view to see other name display.
Votes 15
Rating 3.3
Added Tuesday 4th August 2009
Last Vote Thursday 23rd November 2023


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