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Reference 327
Title A tool to put narrative text in notes
Category Import Export and GEDCOM
Description CLOSED - Lack Of Interest
Posted on: 18/07/07 at 12:40:20 GMT

Narrative reports are wonderful... from a collection of disconnected data attributes, and a cleverly fashioned text scheme,
I can get a readable report of the life of all my ancestors (in so far as I know it anyway).

But when I upload it to several genealogy sites they mostly make a total mess of it.

What I'm sugesting is a tool you'd use after doing the split tree, to add a paragraph to each individual's note containing
the text as it would have appeared in the report.

Then I can delete all the contributary events and their notes, and upload a readable tree without having to worry about
what each individual site does with multiple residences, event notes, etc.
Votes 19
Rating 2.7
Added Thursday 2nd August 2007
Last Vote Wednesday 15th August 2012


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