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Reference 327
Title A tool to put narrative text in notes
Category Import Export and GEDCOM
Description CLOSED - Lack Of Interest
Posted on: 18/07/07 at 12:40:20 GMT

Narrative reports are wonderful... from a collection of disconnected data attributes, and a cleverly fashioned text scheme,
I can get a readable report of the life of all my ancestors (in so far as I know it anyway).

But when I upload it to several genealogy sites they mostly make a total mess of it.

What I'm sugesting is a tool you'd use after doing the split tree, to add a paragraph to each individual's note containing
the text as it would have appeared in the report.

Then I can delete all the contributary events and their notes, and upload a readable tree without having to worry about
what each individual site does with multiple residences, event notes, etc.
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Rating 2.7
Added Thursday 02nd August 2007 06:32 PM
Last Vote Thursday 16th August 2012 01:43 AM


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