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Title Save Report As options for extra file types (DOCX, ODT, etc)
Category Reports
Description The existing Save Report As options cater for PDF, HTML, RTF & TXT.
PDF produces the best reproduction of the Report as displayed in FH but cannot be edited except with expensive PDF editors.
The others produce less perfect reproductions of the Report and can be edited but often with restrictions on the ease of editing.
For example, RTF makes extensive use of tables containing text and images that make it extremely difficult to reposition and resize images.
Attempts to convert from any of the above formats to the more popular DOCX or ODT formats typically produce similar problems.

This request is for Save As Report options for DOCX &/or ODT or similar formats widely supported by most word-processors that faithfully reproduce the Report and are easily edited.

See RTF formatting for examples of the difficulties.
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Added Friday 23rd July 2021 07:10 PM
Last Vote Tuesday 17th August 2021 09:08 PM


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