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Reference 559
Title Fact Descriptor for Civil Union, two Place Travel, Preferred Occupation, etc.
Category General
Description Introduction
Every standard fact (Event/Attribute) has a TYPE tag Descriptor that may be used to classify the fact.
a) Marriage as a Civil Union or Civil Partnership see Recording a Marriage/Civil Partnership
b) Census as the UK 1939 Register see Family Historian Census Event for UK 1939 Register
c) Emigration as a Journey or Deportation see Can I use a Migration event as a template to create a voyage event and others
d) Occupation as the Preferred Occupation see ~Preferred~ Facts and Sorting apparently duplicate facts and others

Key facts like Marriage and Census have special significance in established Reports, Queries, Plugins, etc. So their use is essential, and a custom fact is not a viable option, but the fact name needs an alias such as Civil Partnership for specific instances.
Emigration and Immigration have two Place fields, but another fact name is desired in some instances, and a custom fact only allows one Place field.
Multiple instance facts such as Occupation need the preferred instance to be identified.

The Gedcom specification says for EVENT_DESCRIPTOR:
"A descriptor that should be used whenever the EVEN tag is used to define the event being cited. For example, if the event was a purchase of a residence, the EVEN tag would be followed by a subordinate TYPE tag with the value 'Purchased Residence'. Using this descriptor with any of the other defined event tags basically classifies the basic definition of the associated tag but does not change its basic process. The form of using the TYPE tag with defined event tags has not been used by very many products. The MARR tag could be subordinated with a TYPE tag and EVENT_DESCRIPTOR value of 'Common Law'. Other possible descriptor values might include 'Childbirth--unmarried', 'Common Law', or 'Tribal Custom', for example. The event descriptor should use the same word or phrase and in the same language, when possible, as was used by the recorder of the event. Systems that display data from the GEDCOM form should be able to display the descriptor value in their screen or printed output."

Some of the above customisation can already be employed, but the Descriptor field is hidden on the All tab. It should be added to the Facts tab where Date, Age, Place, etc, are shown now, and added to the Tools > Fact Types > Fact Definition dialogue Fields Required options, so that non-experts can use it more easily.

There needs to be a way of displaying the Fact Descriptor value as an alias for its standard Name/Label in the Property Box, Records Window, Diagrams, Reports, etc. This is the same method Custom Facts display their Name/Label that is held in the same Descriptor (TYPE) field.

There needs to be a Sentence Template Code such as {descriptor} as an alternative to data reference {%FACT.TYPE%}.

There needs to be a special fact instance index, similar to [year=1234], such as [type=Prefer], so the preferred instance can be shown on the Main tab of the Property Box, and used in Diagrams, Reports, Queries, etc. The text after type= must simply occur somewhere in the Descriptor value of one of the fact instances.
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Added Friday 12th May 2017
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