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Reference 557
Title Customise the Facts tab data entry
Category Properties Dialog
Description The Main tab and custom tabs can already be customised to access all the fields, but is inconvenient particularly for multiple instance Facts such as Census and Occupation, because every instance of every desired field has to be separately defined.

If many fields are included then very few Facts will fit into one custom tab, and some fields such as Sentence (_SENT) do not work. So that requires switching between custom tabs and Facts tab.

Alternative Solution (1) Customize Property Box :-
Effectively this would customise the pane at the base of the Facts tab, with all existing items predefined much like the Main tab. New item fields could be added among the predefined items, and predefined items could be removed &/or replaced. The definition would apply equally to all Facts.

Alternative Solution (2) Fact Types > Fact Definition :-
This would extend the Fact Definition dialogue Fields Required section to include all the sub-fields of every Fact, such as Cause, Phone, Email, Website, Descriptor, and Responsible Agency. Thus any combination of fields could be enabled, but their position and label would be predetermined.

These changes may also offer the opportunity to add the 2nd To/From Place field (_PLAC) to every Fact and not just Emigration and Immigration.
Web Link http://fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14778
Votes 22
Rating 4.1
Added Wednesday 1st March 2017
Last Vote Wednesday 13th December 2023


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