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Reference 547
Title Run Plugins via Expressions
Category Plugin
Description This is an advanced power user feature, but has potentially far reaching benefits if used wisely.
Currently, Plugins can only be run via the Tools menu somewhat disjointed from all other FH program features.
Within Plugins any FH Function can be invoked via fhCallBuiltInFunction().
This requests a complementary capability whereby any Plugin can be invoked via a Function such as =CallPlugin().

With this new feature, Plugins can be invoked anywhere Expressions with Functions are allowed. So operations that cannot be performed by FH Functions and Data Refs could be performed by a Plugin. This could apply to Record Window Columns, Narrative Sentence Templates, Queries, Reports, Diagrams, etc. One significant caveat is that if the Plugin performs an in depth database search, especially with a large database, then using such features may become (very) sluggish.

I am thinking that perhaps the Plugin Filename, Title, and main Function must all have the same Name as used by the =CallPlugin() function. The main Function in the Plugin would have parameters to match the =CallPlugin() parameters, and returned values be returned via the =CallPlugin() function.

Alternatively, the =CallPlugin() function would simply run the Plugin with the matching Name. In the Plugin API there would be two functions fhGetParameters() and fhSetParameters() to receive and return parameter values.
Web Link http://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=13533
Votes 18
Rating 4.4
Added Monday 15th August 2016
Last Vote Sunday 11th February 2024


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