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Title Edit window for short Text fields
Category General
Description Each long-text/rich-text field, such as every Note (NOTE) and Text From Source (TEXT) field, has a [...] button that opens an edit window to edit its multi-line text.

Each short text field, such as the Sentence (_SENT) box, Where within Source (PAGE), Death Cause (CAUS), and Short Title (ABBR), would also benefit from a similar edit window.

Similar capabilities for all dialogues are beneficial, such as Sentence Template boxes in Fact Type definitions and many other expression boxes.

The edit window would inhibit multi-line text, but allow the full text to be more easily viewed and edited. Bear in mind that some of those fields have a GEDCOM length of 248 characters, and FH actually supports much more.
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Rating 4.2
Added Sunday 15th May 2016 11:19 PM
Last Vote Saturday 25th September 2021 02:28 PM


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