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Reference 527
Title Add Media and other data to Address fields
Category General
Description Previous wish list items have concentrated on attaching multimedia to Places. Unfortunately this I suspect is not what most users want. Where an event happened will often be a building or other specific location, whereas an image of a Place would simply be a town or wider location.

Therefore a facility to attach an image to an Address would be most welcome, together with other Address related data similar to the FH V6 Place records.
However, the Address fields are context dependent, so must be treated as subsidiary to each Place, because the same Address (e.g. St.Mary's Church or 1 High Street) can refer to physically different locations.
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Votes 30
Rating 4.5
Added Friday 06th May 2016 02:53 AM
Last Vote Friday 05th November 2021 09:17 AM


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