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Reference 513
Title Use more recent LYTEBOX version for CD/Web create
Category Web Site Creation
Description Overview

Sizing and internal navigation problems with images on CD and Web page could be overcome by using a more recent version of LYTEBOX.

FH users Gordon and Mike have found that there are sizing, navigation and other problems with the version of Lytebox used with FH.
Many of these can be solved by updating Lytebox and others through small amendments within the code.

FH to use the most recent version of Lytebox in CD/Webpage creation to allow better image navigation and display. It should also request that the script option
this.__autoResize = true; be able to be selected in the Publishing Wizard.
See (Gordon's and Mike's investigation) and

Also employ Mike's Improve Website or CD DVD HTML
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Added Friday 28th September 2012 05:59 PM
Last Vote Monday 21st July 2014 11:25 PM


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