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Reference 509
Title Include non-image Media in CD/DVD/Website Reports
Category Web Site Creation
Description Video is an increasingly common way of recording family events via smartphones, etc.

Currently video and other non-image media must be itemized separately on CD/DVD/Website pages in the table of contents.

Ideally they should appear in the chosen Report along with other media, such as photos for events, thereby maintaining an aggregated and time ordered visual history for a person.

It is straightforward to tweak the HTML for an individual concerned to include video or other non-image media in the Report as in this example:-
<div class="fhimgwrap fhimgdimc288">
<a href="greenockhighschool.wmv" rel="video" title="Gordon attended the High School in Dunlop Street, Greenock, Scotland from 1957 to 1959.">
<img src="greenockhighschoolvideoframe.jpg" alt="picture" />
<p>Gordon attended the High School in Dunlop Street, Greenock, Scotland from 1957 to 1959. Click the image to watch a video</p>

Unfortunately with a lot of videos such manual tweaking becomes a chore and prone to error.
Also, every time a new CD/DVD/Website is created for family members the work of editing the HTML has to be repeated.
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Rating 4.5
Added Thursday 26th July 2012
Last Vote Sunday 11th February 2024


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