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Reference 250
Title Duplicate check when adding new Individual or other record types
Category Properties Dialog
Description NOTE:
Ref 56 Support for finding duplicate records is a post-entry activity.
Ref 471 Duplicate Checking of Names on Entry is a time of entry activity like this.

When adding a new person, for example as parent to someone else, I don't always know if I have that person already in the Project, therefore I create a new individual.

Would it be possible at that point for the program to do a quick search in the Project and if finds matches, show them as a picklist, with the option to say that this person is a new person, otherwise simply pick the person I highlight and erase the new entry?
There should be an option to disable this feature, and perhaps choose which fields must be entered before the search is triggered (Forename, Surname, Date/Place of Birth, etc).

I do know that I can search in the Records Window first to see if the person exists, but I think that the functionality described would speed up the process of entering persons, and it would also make fewer duplicates.

A variant would be a button to check the currently selected Record against other Records of the same type (Individual, Family, Source, Media, etc) and offer a merge with any matching record. This avoids all the options above, because all the currently entered fields would apply. However, there are still doubts about whether Soundex matching should be used on names.
This button method is supported by Forum posting Duplicate Names.
Web Link http://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=7403
Votes 45
Rating 3.7
Added Monday 21st August 2006
Last Vote Tuesday 23rd January 2024


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