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Reference 560
Title Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) Diagram
Category Diagrams
Description This diagram is somewhat similar to an Ancestor and Descendant Diagram, but some Descendant paths are automatically excluded. The Diagram Root is the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA) of a selection of Individuals, and only the Descendant paths between that MRCA and the selected Individuals are shown.

So unlike an Ancestor and Descendant Diagram, the user does NOT select the Diagram Root person. Instead the user selects any Individuals and the program determines their MRCA (if any) and builds the diagram with that MRCA as the root. The only Descendant paths shown are those that link the MRCA directly to the selected Individuals.
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Votes 7
Rating 4.1
Added Friday 19th January 2018 04:10 PM
Last Vote Wednesday 11th April 2018 07:07 PM


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