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Reference 604
Title Make a To-do list readily visible when FH starts up.
Category General
Description Some users want to track their "to-do" items in a single Research Note, and would like to have their "To-do list" immediately visible when FH opens, as a prompt for the work they should undertake next. This could be addressed by existing Wish List items Allow Workspace Layouts to be saved and restored and Preserve all Workspace and Window Characteristics, which are more widely useful. Alternatively, it could be satisfied by the capability to designate a specific Research Note as the "To-do List" to display on start-up (defaulting to None).
Web Link https://fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=20832
Votes 14
Rating 3.4
Added Monday 12th June 2023
Last Vote Thursday 23rd November 2023


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