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Reference 602
Title Type-ahead for place-names to ignore leading commas and white spaces
Category General
Description Background

Some users of FH organise their place-names to put all countries, etc. in the same "column" (where a column is defined by commas). When I tried this, I immediately ran into problems trying to enter a place-name of "Australia" (say) against an event because I could never remember whether the leading commas were space-comma-space-comma-space at the front or comma-space-comma-space or ...


That the type-ahead facility when entering a place-name against an event or attribute or anywhere else that a place-name is needed, disregards any leading spaces or leading commas for matching purposes. For instance, if a place-name of ", , Australia" is already on file, then typing "Austra" (say) - without the leading spaces or commas - should offer up ", , Australia" as soon as it matches the "payload" characters.

Similarly, if I get the space / comma combo wrong, then typing " ,,Austra" (say) should offer up ", , Australia" as soon as it matches the "payload" characters.


Ease of entry; consistent data.
Web Link https://fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=21944
Votes 17
Rating 3.9
Added Wednesday 7th June 2023
Last Vote Thursday 9th November 2023


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