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Reference 596
Title Implement "nulls last" sort option to stop blank data appearing first
Category General
Description Issue:

When tabulated data are sorted within Family Historian, missing (null) data are treated as lower than any defined value. This means that when data are sorted alphabetically (the more usual scenario), null entries appear first, and the user must scroll down the list to find data containing the sorted field. This is inconvenient and inconsistent with how sorting operates in other familiar applications such as Microsoft Excel, where missing values are listed after sorted data.


A new option, set under Tools>Preferences to modify the sorting of blank values throughout Family Historian. This would apply to all sorted data, whether in the Records Window display or tabulated data generated via a Query, Plugin, or in-built function. Option would be selected from “floating (default)/top/bottom", where "floating" is the current behaviour of treating missing data as lower than any defined value, "top" places all null values at the top of the sorted list, and "bottom" places all null values at the bottom of the list.
Web Link https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=21641#p134832
Votes 6
Rating 3.7
Added Saturday 3rd June 2023
Last Vote Saturday 28th October 2023


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