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Reference 593
Title Property Box, Facts tab, More column features
Category Properties Dialog
Description Issues
1) When reviewing Facts to check whether they have Source Citations, each Fact must be tediously selected in turn to view its Citation List pane. The Fact may be selected in the Facts tab, All tab, or the Sources For droplist.
Alternatively, a Query or Plugin must be run to perform the review.
2) The More column icons occupy space that may be better used for displaying extra Fact details.

It is required that both proposals are implemented together.
1) Add an additional More column of Source record yellow scroll icons, where the icon indicates that there is at least one Source Citation for the Fact on that row.
Clicking the Source icon will open the Citation List pane, if not already open, and display the Source Citation(s).
2) Provide a preference setting that allows the Facts tab More column icons to be shown/hidden.
There could be a separate preference for each of the Witness, Media, Note, and Source icon columns, and the More column width would adjust accordingly. If all were hidden the More column would be hidden completely.
Alternatively, the preference could show/hide the entire More column.
Web Link https://www.fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21446
Votes 35
Rating 4.1
Added Tuesday 17th January 2023
Last Vote Sunday 28th January 2024


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