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Reference 592
Title Allow use of a File Description when in the Project Window
Category General
Description Requirement

To be able to see a File Description field in the GEDCOM Header (accessed normally via View > Special Records > Header Record) when opening projects.


Making a "File Description" accessible helps with management of projects. If a description can show as either a tooltip when mousing over project names in the Project Window, or in a subsidiary display field (say below the list of projects but above the three buttons), a project description can be read. This means that the project name does not need to be over-loaded with data to enable identification of projects (which could run into path name length issues).

  1. This might be achieved by use of the File Description field (accessed normally via View > Special Records > Header Record)
  2. To assist adoption of this feature the create project dialogue needs to prompt for an optional "File Description"
Associated Discussions
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Web Link https://fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=21232
Votes 8
Rating 3.5
Added Friday 16th December 2022
Last Vote Sunday 21st May 2023


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