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Reference 590
Title Saving marker sets for maps
Category General
Description It is not currently possible to save marker sets for maps; I use many different marker sets for different purposes, but it is frustrating that I cannot save the marker sets, but must start all over when I have to use a particular map and set again.

I realize the I can save the map with markers as a jpg, but often I need to make some additions or modifications to a marker set, so it would be convenient and time saving if the marker sets could be saved (both Project-local sets, applicable e.g. to individuals in a project, and Global sets, applicable e.g. to locations of Country Record Offices, churches, cemeteries). Related: Saving marker sets for maps (21183)
Web Link https://fhug.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=21185
Votes 7
Rating 3.6
Added Friday 16th December 2022
Last Vote Thursday 9th November 2023


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