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Reference 589
Title Plain Text Only Setting
Category General
  • It should be possible to either:
    • mix plain and formatted text (both elements optional) within a Note, Autotext or other potentially formatted text field (as now) -- referred to here as 'Formatted Editing'
    • or, enforce plain text content within a Note etc. -- referred to here as 'Plain Editing'
  • There should be no other functional differences between the two modes of working, including for example spell checking and the ability to create and use Autotext.
  • Mouse and keyboard shortcuts for Paste Formatted text and Paste Unformatted text should be provided. Where formatted text is not allowed, the Paste Formatted text shortcuts will have the same result as the Paste Unformatted text shortcuts.
  • User should be able to easily access either mode of working on demand (for accessibility reasons, this should include both mouse and keyboard shortcuts and preferably menu items or icons.)
  • The mode of working should be obvious at all times that an editor is open.
  • User should be able to switch from one mode of working to the other while an editor is open. If switching from Formatted Editing to Plain Editing, they should be warned this may result in content corruption (e.g. characters not being available in the default font) and asked to confirm they wish to proceed. Ctl+Z (Undo) should undo the conversion just as it undoes other operations.
  • A facility should be available to remove formatting from one, many or all instances of formatted text, with a warning that this may result in content corruption (as above). The ability to undo bulk conversions via Ctl-Z/Undo would be nice to have.
  • A simple method should be available to remove formatting from part of an instance of formatted text.
  • User should be able to set a preference to enforce Plain Text editing (default: Off), which will determine which editing mode is operational by default.
  • If Plain Text editing is set to On and Formatted Text is then opened in the default Plain Text mode, the user should be warned that the content will be converted with the usual content corruption risk. The user can elect to continue in Plain Editing mode or switch to Formatted Editing mode on this occasion.
  • Opening plain text in Formatting Editing mode need not result in a warning, as it's a valid operation. As long as the preferred editing mode is easy to access (as the default mode), users who wish to enforce Plain Text are unlikely to do this. If they do, it will be obvious which editing mode they are in, and they can immediately switch to Plain text mode without the content being affected.
  • An edit control invoked by a plugin via the FH API will behave the same as an edit control invoked by the user within FH/li>
Votes 8
Rating 2.9
Added Thursday 15th December 2022
Last Vote Thursday 9th November 2023


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