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Reference 66
Title Record Window filtering by Query
Category Records Window
Description Suppose there were a filter mechanism on the Records Window that allowed
records to be filtered (excluded or included) based on a query? 

The query could be any kind of query. 

It might, for example, be "all descendants of everyone in Named List 'roots'". 
When you executed the filter it would look in the 'roots' named list and filter in all
and only those people who were the appropriate descendants. 

If you wanted to switch to another 'root' you would move them into the
'roots' NamedList and delete the previous occupant(s). 

I know that this isn't exactly what you proposed but it seems pretty close. 

I would suggest that the filtering would not be dynamic.  i.e. if you
dropped a link from X to Y this would never mean that either
X or Y suddenly disappeared from the Record Window. 
They would only disappear if you refreshed the filter.

What do you think? 
If this appeals, the thing to do would be to add it to the Wish List here on this
website (call it "Record Window filtering" say).
Simon Orde - Family Historian Designer (just visiting)
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Votes 23
Rating 3.7
Added Monday 7th August 2006
Last Vote Sunday 14th November 2021


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