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Reference 28
Title Option to hide brackets/quotes around Date Phrases in Reports, Diagrams, etc
Category Reports
Description Everywhere a Date Phrase is shown it is enclosed in brackets/quotes, e.g. "on a Friday" or 1 Jan 1900 ("at noon").

A Tools > Preferences or similar option should allow those brackets/quotes to be hidden/excluded, leaving just the plain text.

That should apply to anywhere a Date Phrase appears in any Diagram, Report, Result Set, Property Box, etc...

If a user wants brackets or quotes in certain cases, then they can be included in the text of the Date Phrase.
In FH V7 there is a workaround for specific Facts with a Date Phrase.
In the Sentence Template or Diagram Text Scheme, etc, replace the default date code with:
{=TextIf(%FACT.DATE:XDATETYPE%="Phrase", MidText( %FACT.DATE%, 2, TextLen( %FACT.DATE% ) - 2 ), TextIf(%FACT.DATE:XDATETYPE%="Interpreted Phrase", Text( Section( %FACT.DATE%, 1, "(" ) . MidText( Section( %FACT.DATE%, 2, "(" ), 2, TextLen( Section( %FACT.DATE%, 2, "(" ) ) - 3 ) ), %FACT.DATE% ) ) }
If the Date is a Phrase then exclude the leading and trailing " quotes.
If the Date is Interpreted then show Interpreted Date and exclude the leading (" and trailing ").
Else show the Fact Date.
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Votes 40
Rating 3.2
Added Monday 7th August 2006
Last Vote Tuesday 24th October 2023


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