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Reference 198
Title One touch copy and auto-citation
Category Auto-citation
Description I must do this exact sequence about a dozen times a week, and find it
horribly error prone (put it down to my age).

I find a new bit of information about some people on the tree (maybe a
census, maybe an email from a contact)
I add a citation (maybe a new source, maybe an existing one),
then I press
Copy Citation,
Tools/Set Automatic
Paste Citation,
Set Automatic.
Couldn't we have one "Copy and Auto cite..." button on the sources
half of the properties?

And perhaps an option of auto-citation to add it to amended
items as well as new ones.

(Note WL#388 merged into this one
I would like to see an option in auto-citation to enable the adding of citations
to any field that is edited whilst in auto-citation mode.
Currently when auto-citation is turned on, it is possible to have citations
added to all new fields as well as to new records.
However there are many times when adding information from a source,
that some of the information is already known but more details become available.
For instance having got a date from one researcher, another provides the
In the later case, auto-citation doesn't work on the event whose location
is now known.)
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Votes 31
Rating 3.4
Added Monday 7th August 2006
Last Vote Thursday 13th October 2022


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