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Title Ability to add source citations to text within a note
Category General
Description NOTE: WL#419 merged into here

FH should show the citations relevant to a shared note that is printed in a report.
Why: (See mailing list "Citations for Shared Notes" 12/07/2011 onwards.)
Summarising from there:
I'm creating a shared note that I want accessed from one or more people.
I've created the shared note, with its own citations to various things like encyclopaedia entries, etc.
Then I link the shared note to a person and run off a narrative report for said person -
the shared note appears but the citations for the shared note don't appear.
If I copy the citations from the shared note to the person and apply them to the link
from the person to the shared note, then they will appear.
But that's
(a) a pointless duplication of citations and
(b) arguably wrong since the cited sources don't mention the individual at all.

Way forward:
Citations for shared notes should appear in reports as well as the contents of the shared note.
Where the shared notes appear at lower level (e.g. notes to media and to sources)
it would seem unnecessary to cite those notes, otherwise one might go on forever.
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Added Tuesday 08th August 2006 12:12 AM
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