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Reference 550
Title Historical Custom Timeline Facts
Category Properties Dialog
Description In V5 only Birth and Adoption of Children timeline facts were included in the Facts tab of the Property Box.
In V6 many more close family Timeline Facts were optionally included.

This request is for further customisation of Timeline Facts.
The suggestion is that any nominated Named List(s) of Individuals have all their Facts included as Timeline Facts.
The Individual records may be historical notabilities such as monarchs, or special records of historical events such as wars, or simply family acquaintances.

The ability to include Timeline Facts elsewhere such as in Diagrams and Reports would be a bonus.

See the WEB LINK for more details.
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Votes 23
Rating 3.8
Added Monday 15th August 2016 11:36 PM
Last Vote Sunday 10th April 2022 10:11 AM


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