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Reference 549
Title More options for Internet Data Matches
Category Focus Window
Description Filter options for Internet Data Matches should be more flexible.
It should be possible to enable/disable each status value independently.
So that for FMP the New, Accepted, or Rejected hints can be included or excluded in any combination, and similarly with MyHeritage for Pending, Confirmed, or Rejected hints.

There also needs to be a way of dealing with the status of hints without opening the record, e.g. when it is obvious that the record needs to be Rejected, or to avoid wasting per view credits, or when no subscription exists, such as FMP World record hints when the user has no World subscription.

It would also be useful to have FH Functions that can interrogate the status of Internet Data Matches for any Individuals.
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Rating 4.2
Added Monday 15th August 2016 11:12 PM
Last Vote Sunday 27th June 2021 04:25 PM


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