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Title Surname Capitalization - a Third Way
Category General
Description Several surnames have a capital letter somewhere in the middle, e.g. McQueen, MacQueen, DeRomana, and are not handled well by the current option to show surnames all in capitals.

I would like a third option which would capitalize only the end of the surname, after the capital letter in the middle, with the additional proviso that each part of a hyphenated surname should be treated separately for this option. 

Thus the above examples would appear as McQUEEN, MacQUEEN, DeROMANA. 

This would provide a useful and desirable distinction between MacQueen=MacQUEEN, and Macqueen=MACQUEEN,
or between Mackintosh=MACKINTOSH and MacKintosh=MacKINTOSH, etc. 

And e.g. (fictional example) Smith-McQueen would be capitalized as SMITH-McQUEEN
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Added Thursday 23rd July 2009 05:36 PM
Last Vote Wednesday 30th October 2019 08:20 PM


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