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Reference 417
Title Add PLACE to Multimedia objects
Category Multimedia
Description (note - this WL item has been spit into two as per a suggestion by Kathy Kult [1].
WL#417 (this) now only refers to adding a PLACE to a Multimedia object.
WL#493 refers to adding a SOURCE)

When adding photos, it is often good to add details of where the photo was taken.

Currently, the only way is to include this in a note.

This means that the place is not included in the Places list.

SEE also WL#493
So, allow a Multimedia object to include a _PLACE custom field in the same way that it currently allows a _DATE custom field.

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Votes 37
Rating 3.6
Added Wednesday 22nd July 2009 11:46 AM
Last Vote Sunday 06th June 2021 07:35 PM


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