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Reference 406
Title Option to change placement of Notes and Media in Reports
Category Reports
Description I'd like to be able to change the placement of Notes relating to Facts when gerating Individual or Family Group Reports.

At present all the Notes appear together at the end of the Report.
However, I'd like the option to place any Note specifically related to a particular Fact immediately after that Fact in the Report.

The reason is I have a number of individuals who have a great many Facts associated with them (64 in one case).
To have the Notes so widely separated from the Facts they relate to (by several pages, given that some of the Notes themselves are quite long), is not very useful.
To have each Note immediately after the Fact it relates to would appear more sensible.

Could we have the option to position multimedia linked to facts as part of the paragraph about the fact rather than putting them en-masse in a separate area.
Preferably with another option to right or left align and/or wrap around the text.
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Rating 3.6
Added Wednesday 22nd July 2009 11:12 AM
Last Vote Sunday 24th May 2020 06:31 AM


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