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Title Merging Ability to edit records during process
Category Merge Compare
Description Jon Axtell Posted on: 14/03/07 at 08:15:52 GMT

The merge facility is very good but there are times when you might
want a bit of a field in one Gedcom and a bit of a field in another.

Currently you have to discard one, retain the other and remember to go back
to the record and make the change manually after the merge.

For instance one record has the place as
"Thornton Heath, Croydon, SRY"
and the other has
"Croydon, Surrey, England".

I would like to keep "Thornton Heath" but don't want to lose the "Surrey, England" bit.

I can't add another place since only 1 place is allowed in a record.

Since the merge window is showing records just like in the record
window and in a named list it would be nice if the edit facility was
turned on during the merge as well.
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Votes 33
Rating 3.5
Added Wednesday 14th March 2007 04:54 PM
Last Vote Wednesday 30th October 2019 08:17 PM


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