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Title Drag and drop for all contexts
Category General
Description Jon Axtell Posted on: 11/02/07 at 10:35:21 GMT

I would like to see drag and drop implemented in FH.
This would be allowed in all places where you can currently copy/paste or where records are moved around.

For instance if you've selected a record you can press the button that looks like "Play" to copy it to a named list. It should be possible to drag the record to a list too.

This means that you could drag a record to a named list which is not currently selected without having to select it first. Useful if you're moving a number of records to different lists.

When copying fields, you can just drag a field to another part of the record or to anther record in one move.

You can use the pop-up context menu, but it can get quite fiddly to select a field, right click, select copy, select the destination, right click, select paste when a simple click and drag and drop is easier.

Drag and drop could also be used for re-ordering lists too instead of selecting a record then selecting the up/down arrow.

To allow dragging and dropping off the screen, automatic scrolling should also be happen when dragging with an object and the cursor reaches the edge of the window.
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Rating 3.4
Added Monday 19th February 2007 11:14 PM
Last Vote Monday 04th May 2020 05:48 PM


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