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Reference 308
Title Move items between Named Lists retaining the Note
Category Lists
Description Posted on: 19/02/07 at 13:57:04 GMT

I would like the ability to move items from one Named List to another
(by cut/paste and/or drag/drop) and to retain the Item Note across the move.

For example, I have two lists
'Certs Needed' and
'Certs Ordered'. 

I place an individual on the first list with a note describing the GRO reference(s)
of the certificate(s) I have identified. 

When I have placed the order for the certificate(s), I'd like to be able to easily
move the Individual, plus their associated Note, to the second List.

It's easy enough to take an Individual off the first list and add them to the second,
but the Note has to be recreated each time. 

I'm sure this facility would come in handy in other circumstances than mine.
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Rating 3.4
Added Monday 19th February 2007 11:08 PM
Last Vote Sunday 28th March 2021 04:07 PM


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