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Reference 305
Title Changing Event/Attribute properties in Reports
Category Reports
Description Posted on: 10/01/07 at 17:46:39 GMT

For non narrative reports, to be able to change what is printed for Events/Attributes in the Individual and Family reports.

At the moment you can select which events/attributes to include but you can't specify how/what should be printed.

It would be good to be able to specify this just like in queries so that you could print say the Sentence or the Source Notes or whatever.

This would also solve the problem of having to have the Address and Note information under 'Additional Information' rather than as part of the main Event/Attribute description.
Votes 36
Rating 3.4
Added Thursday 08th February 2007 06:54 PM
Last Vote Sunday 15th December 2019 07:38 PM


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