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Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 59 Hits
Support for Narrative Reports ===== A major new report has been added. This is a narrative report: Descendants by Generation. This has numerous options, and lik... ts, can be saved in HTML, RTF or text format. The report allows you to show all events and attributes abou... og below, and the discussion of the new Narrative Report Options button in Changes to Preferences. =====
Report Tips and Tricks: 44 Hits
====== Report Tips and Tricks ====== {{entry>Customisation/Report Tips;See Index for related topics}} {{entry>Publish/Report/Customisation Tips;-*}} {{entry>Report/Customisation Tips;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== This summarise
Report Content, Media, Format and Layout: 32 Hits
====== Report Content, Media, Format and Layout ====== {{entry>Customisation/Report/Options;See Index for related topics}} {{entry>Publish/Report/Customisation Options;-*}} {{entry>Report/Customisation Options;-*}} ===== Report Options ===== Several
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 3 – Choose Report Template: 23 Hits
====== Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 3 – Choose Report Template ====== ===== Introduction ===== The **Primary Page Type** report template determines whether **Individuals** have ... hare a page with their spouse. If an **Individual Report** type is chosen then each **Individual** has their own page. If a **Family Report** type is chosen then couples share a page. In th
Family Historian Help Index: 22 Hits
wto_printareportaboutoneormoreindividuals|Print a Report About One or More Individuals]] * [[fhhelp>... printacompletereportaboutaperson|Print a Complete Report About a Person]] * [[fhhelp>howto_printther... rts Window]] * [[fhhelp>reportoptionsdialog|Report Options Dialog]] * [[fhhelp>reportoptionsdialogcontentstabindividuals|Report Options Dialog: Contents Tab (Individuals)]]
Standard Report Types: 21 Hits
====== Standard Report Types ====== {{entry>Publish/Report Types;See Index for related topics}} {{entry>Report/Report Types;-*}} {{entry>Types/Report Types;-*}} ===== Introduction ===== Reports are opened via the *
Custom Reports: 21 Hits
eports ====== ===== Introduction ===== **Custom Report Types** are derived from [[Standard Reports]] by using the **Report > Save Report As > Custom Report Type** command. They are opened via the **Publish** menu, and behave just like their o
Planning and Tracking Your Research: 13 Hits
purpose that you choose, so that you can view or report on them as a collection of related items. {{fh}}... To-do item and it can be hard to record and query/report on more granular detail. See [[To-do List Attrib
Create a Locations Database of Place & Address Details: 11 Hits]]** to pinpoint the __Location__. ===== Report & Website Details ===== In many **Report** and **Website** pages the **Sources** section can easily **In... Note** field. In particular, a **Source Summary Report** for each **Source Record** of type **Location**, produces a comprehensive **Locations Database Report** that can easily include __every__ **Source** an
Tabulate Multiline Text in Records and Reports: 10 Hits
rder to obtain tidy columns in both modes. ===== Report Options ===== If a **Report** includes tabulated multiline text fields, and uses the default **Report Options**, then the tabulated fields are often __... bulatedMultilineText:ReportDefaultLayout.png?700 |Report Default Layout}} The solution is to adjust the *
Report Type ~ Individuals List: 10 Hits
====== Report Type ~ Individuals List ====== ===== Description ===== A simple report listing of all Individuals, one per line, as requ... roduced by admin (10/08/04) {{ individuals_list_report.png?600 |Individuals List Report}} ===== Installation Instructions ===== {{page>insertpages:di_repor
Individual Summary Report (for Web, CD or DVD): 10 Hits
====== Individual Summary Report (for Web, CD or DVD) ====== ===== Introduction ===== A tabulated column list style report, without [[Facts#Timeline Facts]] & [[Facts#Witne... r**, **Mother**, **Spouse** & **Children**. This report is intended as a template for the [[How to:Make F... therwise is identical to the [[Individual Summary Report]]. ===== Select Records ===== In the **Select R
Utility ~ ADDNOTE - Full Descendant Report: 10 Hits
====== Utility ~ ADDNOTE - Full Descendant Report ====== ===== Description ===== ADDNOTE is a program to create a full Descendant Report as an HTML file. Its start point is a Descendant Outline Report from [[Glossary:Family Historian]], saved as a .TXT file. ADDNOTE relies on finding in the FH report the personal ID references for each person, enclo
Family Historian Version 6.2.7: 10 Hits
has been fixed. * With the **Individual Summary Report**, if you set the section label font to **Calibri... ppropriate sentences if they generate a narrative report. The fact definitions in the **Extended Set** ar... w) are likely to be of benefit to TMG users. === Report Enhancements and Bug Fixes === * Text from one... overlap another column, in the Individual Summary report and others. This has now been fixed. * Extra co
Report Type ~ Individual Occupations: 9 Hits
Family Group Sheet (for Web, CD or DVD): 9 Hits
Ancestors By Generation: 9 Hits
Descendants By Generation: 9 Hits
Individual Census Report: 9 Hits
How Related: 8 Hits
LDS Ordinances: 8 Hits
Individual Narrative: 8 Hits
Ancestor Outline: 8 Hits
Source Summary Report: 8 Hits
Individual Record Notes: 8 Hits
Individual Summary Report: 8 Hits
Media Report: 8 Hits
Family Group Sheet: 8 Hits
Descendant Outline: 8 Hits
Understanding Expressions: 8 Hits
Report Type ~ Source Summary and Notes: 8 Hits
Understanding the Scope of Features: 8 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 8 Hits
Description: 8 Hits
Report Type ~ Ahnentafel with Generation and Kekulé Numbers: 7 Hits
Record Detail Reports: 7 Hits
Workspace 5: Report Window: 7 Hits
List Report: 7 Hits
Report Type ~ Individual Multimedia: 7 Hits
Report Type ~ Ancestor Outline with all Events: 6 Hits
Narrative Report Fact Sentence Templates: 6 Hits
Report Type ~ Family Group Sheet and Detailed Blanks: 6 Hits
Report Type ~ Census Events: 6 Hits
Research Planner: 6 Hits
Special Data Reports: 6 Hits
Step 5 Update your FTM data using Ancestry hints: 6 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 4 – Add Items for Table of Contents: 5 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Multimedia Image Popups: 5 Hits
Family Historian Version 5.0: 5 Hits
Report Type ~ Family Group Sheet - Short: 5 Hits
Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc: 5 Hits
Report Type ~ Descendant Outline with all Events: 5 Hits
Handling Uncategorised Data Fields (UDF): 5 Hits
Family Historian: 5 Hits
Report Type ~ Family Group Sheet - Ultra Short: 5 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Result Set Exceptions Report: 5 Hits
Report Type ~ Family Group Sheet and Blanks: 5 Hits
Report Type ~ 6x4 Source Card: 4 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Automatic Batch Processing: 4 Hits
Family Historian V5/V4 & Ancestral Sources V4 on Crossover & Wine: 4 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Version History: 4 Hits
Understanding Data References: 4 Hits
Recording a Marriage/Civil Partnership: 4 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Report Types: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Occupations Report Query: 4 Hits
Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine: 4 Hits
Family Historian Installation Problems: 4 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.0: 3 Hits
Report Options ~ Page Layout Tab: 3 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.0: 3 Hits
Report Type ~ 6x4 Record Card - with Sources: 3 Hits
Report Type ~ 6x4 Record Card - without Sources: 3 Hits
Understanding Functions: 3 Hits
Report Options ~ Main or Contents Tab: 3 Hits
Recording from a Census Record: 3 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 7 – Presentation and Behaviour: 3 Hits
A brief summary of project status: 3 Hits
Utility ~ Property Box Tab Organiser: 3 Hits
Import from Generations Family Tree: 3 Hits
Glossary of Features: 2 Hits
Import: 2 Hits
Import/Export: 2 Hits
{Download Type} ~ {Download Title}: 2 Hits
Named Lists: 2 Hits
Downloads and Links: 2 Hits
Report Options ~ Pictures Tab: 2 Hits
Forums Posting Guidelines: 2 Hits
Description: 2 Hits
Import from The Next Generation (TNG): 2 Hits
Import from Legacy Family Tree (LFT): 2 Hits
Import from Genbox (How To): 2 Hits
Add a Downloadable File: 2 Hits
Search and Replace ~ Usage Examples: 2 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 2 Hits
Show Project Statistics Plugin: 2 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Options Tab Settings: 2 Hits
Ancestral Sources Version History: 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.1.2: 2 Hits
Multimedia Window and Report: 2 Hits
Introduction to What's New in V4: 2 Hits
Step 6 Import your FTM GEDCOM back into FH: 2 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 1 – Choose Privacy Options: 2 Hits
Report Type ~ Contact Info: 2 Hits
Report Options ~ Index Tab: 2 Hits
Report Options ~ Sources Tab: 2 Hits
Report Type ~ To Do Lists: 2 Hits
Utility ~ GigaTrees ~ Tim Forsythe: 2 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Templates ~ (3) Auto Text: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Line of Descent: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Kinsfolk Census Queries: 1 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Line of Ascent: 1 Hits
Family Historian Census Event for UK 1939 Register: 1 Hits
Step 3 Import your FH GEDCOM to FTM: 1 Hits
Recording Children for Multiple Partnerships: 1 Hits
di_fact_set: 1 Hits
Make a Family Tree CD/DVD or Website: 1 Hits
Import from The Master Genealogist (TMG): 1 Hits
Family Historian FAQs: 1 Hits
Import from MyHeritage (MYH): 1 Hits
Insert Pages: 1 Hits
Get Day Number (code snippet): 1 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Records Tab Statistics: 1 Hits
Show Project Statistics ~ Facts Tab Statistics: 1 Hits
Search and Replace ~ Version History: 1 Hits
Search and Replace ~ Confirmation: 1 Hits
Map Life Facts ~ Set Preference Options: 1 Hits
Diagram Tips and Tricks: 1 Hits
Check Project Statistics & Exceptions: 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 6.0: 1 Hits
Step 2 Create a GEDCOM using the FH Export Plugin v1.7-2.0: 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 1 Hits
More Workspace Windows: 1 Hits
How to Add Downloads and Links: 1 Hits
Family Tree Tips ~ Alter CSS Default Styles: 1 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 2 – Select Featured Individuals: 1 Hits
How To's for V4: 1 Hits
About Family Historian: 1 Hits
Adding Photographs and Other Multimedia: 1 Hits
Report Options ~ Privacy Tab: 1 Hits
Report Options ~ Format Tab: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Parallels Desktop Virtualization: 1 Hits