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Creating a Query: 43 Hits
====== Creating a Query ====== ===== Introduction ===== **Family Historian** comes with a large selecti... probably want to write your own [[glossary:custom_query|Custom Query]]. {{entry>Query/Custom Queries;See Index for related topics.}} {{entry>Customisation/Custom Queries;-*}
Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 20 Hits
ing records for reports also (using the Add Using Query button on the same dialog) - see New and Changed ... ew and Changed Queries ===== * There is a new query Sources for Given Record. This allows you to sele... ed with that Individual record. * The standard query Links to Sources has been removed, and replaced w... ords found now appear in a sensible order). A new query Immediate Family has been added, to make it easy
Query Window ~ General Tab: 19 Hits
===== Query Window ~ General Tab ===== For **Help** press the **F1** key and expand & explore the **Query Window: General Tab** subsection. {{entry>Query/Custom Queries/General Tab;See Index for related topics.... portant option on this tab is the [[..:Creating a Query#Query Types|Query Type]], which largely determine
Research Planner: 18 Hits
lan * And of course, the ability to view, edit, query and report on Tasks. The Research Planner provid... census). This Title will appear in the Facts tab, Query Results, and Reports -- anywhere a Task fact is s... ragraph of any Objective will be displayed in the query results. ==== Links to Sources, Repositories, Me... k to a Source (using the Facts tab), then you can query all Tasks linked to that Source. Perhaps you only
Create Work In Progress or Research To Do Lists: 18 Hits
ry:Events and Attributes]] with [[Glossary:Custom Query]]. Another approach, as described at [[Research P... iduals** can be created using **[[Glossary:Custom Query]]** or by [[Customising Record Window Columns]]. ... e a **To Do Report**. === To Do List === This **Query** will produce a list of every **Individual** wit... be sorted in Surname order see how to [[Sort Fact Query on Owner Surname]]. * Open the **Query Window*
Split Tree Helper: 16 Hits
to delete all Individual records found by a given Query, all records __not__ found by a given Query, or no Individual records. An **Individual Query** is a Query where the **Query Type** is **Individual**. The **Query Type** is specified in the **Gener
Family Historian Version 6.2.7: 15 Hits
t now works once again. === New Witnessed Events query === * The new **Witnessed Events** query lists everyone who has participated in an event in a non-pri... es**. This means that the **Individual Timeline** Query now behaves more like the **Facts** tab of the **... the **GetContextInfo** function. * If you ran a query with a record parameter, and clicked ‘**Browse…**
Downloads and Links ~ Queries: 15 Hits
===== ===== Description ===== [[Glossary:Custom Query]] can be imported into [[Glossary:Family Historia... w is complete. ===== Downloads ===== {{topic>.? Query-Fact Query-Family Query-Individual Query-Multimedia Query-Note Query-Repository Query-Source Query-Submission Query
Query Window ~ Rows Tab: 14 Hits
===== Query Window ~ Rows Tab ===== The [[.Result Set Tab|Result Set]] looks like a spreadsheet or table... **Records** will appear on the **Rows**. {{entry>Query/Custom Queries/Rows Tab;See Index for related top... l three are available for all the [[..:Creating a Query#Query Types]]. ==== List Tab ==== The **List** tab simply sets **Filters** based on **Named Lists**. I
Delete Data For Living People: 13 Hits
[[:fhugdownloads:contents:flag_living|Flag Living Query]]** helps with setting the **Living Flag** on app... **/**Private** options and **Add**/**Remove using Query** selections to restrict living and private data.... te all Individual records found by the Individual query below** and choose **Has Flag** query. * Select each **Delete Note**/**Multimedia**/**Source**/**Repos
Family Historian Help Index: 12 Hits
[[fhhelp>howto_createacustomquery|Create a Custom Query]] * [[fhhelp>howto_recordflags|Record Flags]] ... [[fhhelp>menu_help|Help Menu]] * [[fhhelp>menu_query|Query Menu]] [[fhhelp>toolbars|Toolbars]] * [[fhhelp>toolbar_main|Main Toolbar]] * [[fhhelp>toolb... imedia|Multimedia Toolbar]] * [[fhhelp>toolbar_query|Query Toolbar]] [[fhhelp>main_windows|Main Windo
Family Historian Version 5.0: 11 Hits
lloon tip will warn you. ===== New Date-Checking Query ===== A new ‘Fact Date Warnings’ query detects numerous possible errors with dates in existing records.... rrences of any given address to be located in the Query Result Set window. The same functionality can als... tes, origins and source types. Once listed in the Query Window it is easy to find each actual occurrence
Utility ~ The Next Generation (TNG): 11 Hits
f utilities available. Download and install this query {{ :fhugdownloads:contents:living_record_ids_for_... nd a list of IDs. To get the list of IDs run the Query installed earlier and select all the cells and co... global $people_table; // Clear all Living Fields $query = "UPDATE $people_table SET living = 0 WHERE living = 1"; $result = tng_query($query); // Set all the ones from the list $query
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (3) Flag Assignments: 10 Hits
ou can test for the presence of a **Flag** in a **Query**, or **Record Window Column**, or **Diagram Text... ly Historian** as follows: * Use **View** > **Query Window** and from the **Query Menu** choose **New Custom Query...**. * In the **New Custom Query** window set **Query Name** to **U
Delete a Custom Diagram, Fact Set, Plugin, Query, Record Flag, Report, etc: 10 Hits
Customise or Print Records Window Columns: 9 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Citation Details: 9 Hits
Map Query: 9 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Timeline with Historical Facts: 8 Hits
Downloading a Custom Query: 8 Hits
{Download Type} ~ {Download Title}: 8 Hits
Named Lists: 8 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.0: 8 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Relations - Same Generation: 7 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Timeline: 7 Hits
Queries: 7 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Records Window with Spouse Surname: 6 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Timeline Facts: 6 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Records Window: 6 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Probable Spouse (Superseded): 6 Hits
Family Historian Version 3.1.2: 6 Hits
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 6 Hits
Family Historian Version 6.0: 6 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Occupations Report Query: 6 Hits
Add a Downloadable File: 6 Hits
Description: 6 Hits
Downloads and Links: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ People at a Place before 1837: 5 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Facts Linked to a Source: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Born After Date and Still Living: 5 Hits
Workspace 7: Query Window: 5 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.1.3: 5 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Unsourced Facts: 5 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Query Type: Fact: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Find Individuals with Local Notes: 5 Hits
Query:Family ~ Families with a Child of a Specified Name: 5 Hits
Query:Family ~ Families Common to 3 Named Lists: 5 Hits
Query and Spreadsheet: Multimedia File Links: 5 Hits
Creating a Married Women Query: 5 Hits
Query Functions: 5 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Individual Fact Citations: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ FreeBMD Source (Superseded): 5 Hits
Create a Locations Database of Place & Address Details: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ancestors' Missing Census, Sources and Images: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ How Related - Between 2 Individuals: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Flag Living: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Records Window with Parents: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Birth Details: 5 Hits
Query:Fact ~ List Baptisms and Burials for Places: 5 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Living List Create: 4 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Query Type: Multimedia: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Individuals updated in recent days: 4 Hits
Custom Queries: 4 Hits
Query:Family ~ Duplicate Spouses: 4 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Query Type: Source: 4 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Query Type: Individual: 4 Hits
Query:Family ~ Married Cousins and Other Relationships: 4 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Query Type: Family: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Living List: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Living Flag is Set: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Living in List: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Record IDs (Superseded): 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Search For Orphans: 4 Hits
Query:Family ~ Redundant Families: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Linked Individuals: 4 Hits
Insert Pages: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ ONS - [surname] married to [surname]: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ ONS - [given] child of [given]: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ ONS - [given] census in [place]: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ ONS - [given] married to [given]: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ WebClean: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ ONS - [given] sibling of [given]: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ ONS - [given] born in [place]: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Male Lines: 4 Hits
Query:Family ~ Missing Statutory Marriage Certificates: 4 Hits
Family Historian: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ BMD Events without Sources: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Married Women Names: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Marriage Not Found: 4 Hits
Query Window ~ Columns Tab: 4 Hits
Query Window ~ Result Set Tab: 4 Hits
Controlling display of Boxes on Diagrams: 4 Hits
Exporting a Family Tree with/without Media: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ancestors' Missing Census Entries: 4 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Non Death Facts With Causes: 4 Hits
Family Historian FAQs: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Census - The Missing Years: 4 Hits
Query:Family ~ Married Too Young: 4 Hits
Glossary of Features: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Find Individuals with Similar Names: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Death Details: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Private Flag is Set: 4 Hits
Utility ~ Spreadsheet: Census and BMD Analysis V2: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Name Search with Dates: 4 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Line of Ascent: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ List Single Relation Pool: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Name Search: 3 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Facts with undefined type: 3 Hits
Query:Fact ~ All Facts Filter by Date, Label, or Text: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Most Recent Common Ancestors: 3 Hits
Query:Fact ~ All Empty Facts: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Occupations List: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Places: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ BMD Census Check: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ WW1 Possibles: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Parent Ages: 3 Hits
Query:Multimedia ~ Media Linked to a Record: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Kinsfolk Census Queries: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Missing Certificates ~ GRO BMD: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Person Existence Check: 3 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Duplicate Sources for Fact: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Census Addresses 1841 to 1911: 3 Hits
More Workspace Windows: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Related How: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Census Record Checklist All: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Age at Marriage V2: 3 Hits
Description: 3 Hits
Using Flags and Icons and Expressions: 3 Hits
Understanding the Scope of Features: 3 Hits
Query:Fact ~ Age Discrepancies: 3 Hits
Standard Queries: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ All Relations and In-Laws: 3 Hits
Query:Fact ~ All Facts on Day Month: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Alive and Age at Date with Places: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ancestors' Census Places: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ages on Census: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Age Today: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Blank Death Finder: 3 Hits
Move Family Historian Settings and Projects: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Common Ancestors: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ More Than One Parental Family: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Family Group Sheet: 3 Hits
Query:Family ~ Wedding Anniversaries: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Surname Summary: 3 Hits
Query:Family ~ Family List by Record ID: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Female Lines with Generation Numbers: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Sort by Initials: 3 Hits
Query:Source ~ Sources for Repository: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Cousins of Named Individual: 3 Hits
Contribute Your Knowledge ~ Create And Manage Pages: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ England and Wales GRO Marriage Index 1984-2000: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ England and Wales GRO Birth Index 1984-2000: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Line of Descent: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ England and Wales GRO Death Index 1984-2002: 3 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Age at Birth of First Child: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Age at Death Male Line: 2 Hits
Report Type ~ Ahnentafel with Generation and Kekulé Numbers: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ahnentafel by Generation: 2 Hits
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Readme Release Notes: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Alive at 1841 Census: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Alive at 1901 Census: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Born in Place: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Descendants by Family Group: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Clooz Export: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Check Birth Dates: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Descendants V2: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Descendants with Spouses: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Export FH to Access: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Direct Line: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Find Distant Relations: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Census Place Lists 1841 to 1901: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ancestors Plus Spouse and Children: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ All Females (Superseded): 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Ancestors with Age at Date: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ BMD - Checklist: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Census Group: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ BMD Estimated Dates: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Alive and Age at Date: 2 Hits
Query:Fact ~ To Do Lists: 2 Hits
LDS Ordinances: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Location: 2 Hits
Media Report: 2 Hits
Record Detail Reports: 2 Hits
Source Summary Report: 2 Hits
Individual Summary Report: 2 Hits
Individual Record Notes: 2 Hits
Family Group Sheet (for Web, CD or DVD): 2 Hits
How Related: 2 Hits
Individual Census Report: 2 Hits
Individual Narrative: 2 Hits
Work With Record Identifiers: 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 4.0: 2 Hits
Understanding Data References: 2 Hits
Understanding Expressions: 2 Hits
Member Web Site ~ Lefever and Variants Surname Study: 2 Hits
Backup and Restore Family Historian Settings ~ Frequently Asked Questions: 2 Hits
Sort Fact Query on Owner Surname: 2 Hits
Finding where Records are used: 2 Hits
Sharing Data using a USB Stick: 2 Hits
before you even begin (Old Version to be Deleted?): 2 Hits
Check Project Statistics & Exceptions: 2 Hits
Delete Any Number of Records: 2 Hits
Family Group Sheet: 2 Hits
Individual Summary Report (for Web, CD or DVD): 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Contact Info: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Potential Wife Surname Matches: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Single Surname: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Surname Pairs: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Census Index: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Places of Burial: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Pinpoint Using Parents: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Pinpoint By Location: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ People Linked to Source: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ No Family As Child (Orphan?): 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Nicknames: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Missing Statutory Death Certificates: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Used Names: 2 Hits
Ancestors By Generation: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ Missing Statutory Birth Certificates: 2 Hits
Ancestor Outline: 2 Hits
Descendant Outline: 2 Hits
Downloads and Links FAQs: 2 Hits
Descendants By Generation: 2 Hits
Query:Individual ~ X Married to Y: 2 Hits
Recording Children for Multiple Partnerships: 1 Hits
Ancestral Sources Tutorial ~ Working With Tools ~ (4) Census Flags and Dates: 1 Hits
Work In Progress Plugins: 1 Hits
Rearrange Address and Place Parts ~ Input Filter: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Spreadsheet: Census and BMD Analysis Instructions Tab: 1 Hits
Recording from a Census Record: 1 Hits
di_query_fact_v6: 1 Hits
di_query_fact: 1 Hits
Change Any Fact Tag ~ Output Result Set: 1 Hits
di_fact_set: 1 Hits
Calculate the length of a marriage (How To): 1 Hits
Diagram Icons ~ Wulliam's Icons: 1 Hits
Merge/Compare File: 1 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ Living People Identification: 1 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ PDF Utilities: 1 Hits
Export to Genes Reunited and Ancestry: 1 Hits
Queries Custom: 1 Hits
Note Records: 1 Hits
Family Tree Wizard ~ Step 2 – Select Featured Individuals: 1 Hits
Finding Records linked to a Source: 1 Hits
Find and Mark Twins (How To): 1 Hits
Display long text such as Notes: 1 Hits
Export: 1 Hits
Focus Window Introduction, Printout, and Customisation: 1 Hits
Recording a Marriage/Civil Partnership: 1 Hits