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Family Historian Version 2.3.5: 11 Hits
ew and Changed Queries below. * There is now a Print Preview option for the Reports Window. This is ra... nter default line thickness has been added to the Print tab of the Diagram Options dialog. This option ca... rey grid lines, making it easier to see what will print and what won't. * The "Set Diagram Size Whe... nchanged - only the page gets bigger. * The Print tab of the Diagram Options dialog has been simpli
Single Page PDF of a Diagram: 11 Hits
arge **Diagrams** to a [[FHUGdownloads:Publishers|Print Company]] to obtain A2 or larger charts without r... ) Alternatively, some [[FHUGdownloads:Publishers|Print Companies]] offer other ways of sending even bigg... and a **Scaling** of **100%**. To determine the print size of a **Diagram** use the **Diagram > Diagram... hese install a Printer Driver, which you use to **Print** from any program to create a PDF document. ===
Getting ready to Print Diagrams: 10 Hits
====== Getting ready to Print Diagrams ====== When you open any Diagram, {{fh}} will be getting ready to print it, but it's not always the best at optimising th... - Open {{fh}} and the Diagram you would like to print. - From the **File** menu, select **Print Setup**. - Select your printer of choice. - Select the *
Report Tips and Tricks: 8 Hits
to a printer. With a report displayed, see the **Print**, **Print Preview** & **Print Setup** commands on the **File** menu, and the **Print** & **Printer Setup** buttons on the right that d
Family Historian Help Index: 6 Hits
hhelp>howto_printareportaboutoneormoreindividuals|Print a Report About One or More Individuals]] * [[fhhelp>howto_printacompletereportaboutaperson|Print a Complete Report About a Person]] * [[fhhelp>howto_printtherecordswindowlisting|Print the Records Window Listing]] * [[fhhelp>howto_... gramoptionsdialogprinttab|Diagram Options Dialog: Print Tab]] * [[fhhelp>diagramoptionsdialogdime
Unicode String Functions (code snippet): 6 Hits
h two bytes. <code lua> local strText = "AaØøZz" print( string.upper(strText) ) -->> AAØØZZ print( string.lower(strText) ) -->> aaøøzz print( string.len(strText) ) -->> 6 or 8 length in bytes print( string.length(strText) ) -->> 6 l
Build Data Reference Functions (code snippet): 6 Hits
trTag if not fhIsValidDataRef(strDataRef) then print(strDataRef.." is Invalid") end end end -- loca... Record("FAM") ptrRef:MoveToFirstChildItem(ptrRef) print( BuildDataRef(ptrRef) ) -->> FAM.MARR 1 FAM ptrRef = GetDataRefPtr("~.NAME",2,"INDI") print(fhGetDisplayText(ptrRef)) -->> Name: Julia Amanda FISH ptrRef = GetDataRefPtr("INDI.NAME",2) print(fhGetDisplayText(ptrRef)) -->> Name: Julia Amand
Plain Text Substitution (code snippet): 5 Hits
yz" local strMatch = "90%" local strPlain = "75%" print( strInput:plain() ) -->> abc% 90%%% xyz print( strInput:gsub( string.plain(strMatch), strPlain:plain() ) ) -->> abc 75% xyz 1 print( strInput:matches(strMatch, 3) ) -->> 90% print( strInput:replace(strMatch,strPlain) ) -->> abc 7
IUP GUI Builder Hints And Tips: 5 Hits
the dialog iup.MainLoop() -- Process the dialog print(res) -- Print the pressed button </code> In the code above the ''iup.dialog'' takes a table of tab... the dialog iup.MainLoop() -- Process the dialog print(res) -- Print the pressed button if res == 'ok' then sTitle = inp_title.value sTags = inp_tags
Soundex (code snippet): 5 Hits
x) local strLast = string.sub(strSoundex,l,l) print(strLast,codes[letter]) if codes[letter] ~= 0 an... end </code> ==== Sample of Use ==== <code lua> print(soundex(“Scadden”)) </code> ===== Global Variabl... dex </code> ==== Sample of Use ==== <code lua> print(StrSoundex(“Scadden”)) </code> ===== Function Pr... e Example <code lua> StrSoundex = NewSoundex() print(StrSoundex(“Scadden”)) </code> Advanced External
Family Historian V5/V4 & Ancestral Sources V4 on Crossover & Wine: 5 Hits
lugins**. ===== Printing and PDF ===== All FH **Print Setup** and **Print** options work with any **Mac** printer, even when a **Report** is displayed incorre... offers a way of creating PDF output via the FH **Print** commands rather than the FH **Save Diagram/Repo... is either missing or incorrect. However, **File > Print Preview** displays pages correctly on screen, and
Diagram Tips and Tricks: 4 Hits
Page**. That is often fixed by ensuring **File > Print Setup** names the **Family Historian PDF** driver... al printer. Also check the **Diagram > Options > Print** tab settings. ===== Black and White Output ===... es in Black-and-White** * **Diagram > Options > Print > Print text, lines and boxes in black-and-white only** Only the **Box Fill** and **Text Colour** of In
Load Text File into a Table (code snippet): 3 Hits
oArray('d:\\temp\\license.txt') if lines then print (#lines) -- Prints number of lines in the file ... ipairs(lines) do -- to process contents print(k,v) end else print(err) end </code> ===== Related Pages ===== {{backlinks>.}} {{tag>code,lua
Check Version In Store (code snippet): 3 Hits
eference = checkVersionInStore('file',pluginname) print(pluginname,version,reference) -->> Timeline Chart.fh_lua 1.4 199 print(checkVersionInStore('id',199)) -->> 1.4 199 print(checkVersionInStore('name','Timeline Chart')) -->> 1
Customise or Print Records Window Columns: 3 Hits
Loop All Items (code snippet): 3 Hits
Encode XML/HTML/URI/UTF Characters (code snippet): 3 Hits
Family Historian V6 & Ancestral Sources V5 on Crossover, PlayOnLinux/Mac & Wine: 3 Hits
Family Historian Installation Problems: 3 Hits
Query Window ~ General Tab: 2 Hits
Capture Command Line Output (code snippet): 2 Hits
Family Historian: 2 Hits
Directory Tree (code snippet): 2 Hits
Copy File (code snippet): 2 Hits
Extract XML/HTML Field (code snippet): 2 Hits
Loop All Facts for an Individual (code snippet): 2 Hits
Split a Line using a Separator (code snippet): 2 Hits
Registry Key Read (code snippet): 2 Hits
Flags Add and Remove Function (code snippet): 2 Hits
Get Day Number (code snippet): 2 Hits
Load String From File (code snippet): 2 Hits
Launch a Web Page (code snippet): 2 Hits
inList Is a value in a list: 2 Hits
Format Number (code snippet): 2 Hits
Family Historian Version 5.0.11: 1 Hits
Focus Window Introduction, Printout, and Customisation: 1 Hits
Utility ~ Family Atlas: 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 2.2 to 2.3 User Manual Changes: 1 Hits
Family Historian Version 3 Read Only Demo: 1 Hits
Diagram Type & Text Scheme ~ Pedigree Chart - 4 Gens - Ahnentafel: 1 Hits
Downloads and Links ~ PDF Utilities: 1 Hits
Version Control And File Naming Advice: 1 Hits
Print The Focus Window: 1 Hits
Upload Web Pages (How To): 1 Hits
Understanding the Scope of Features: 1 Hits
Loop Through All Record Types (code snippet): 1 Hits
Loop Through Records (code snippet): 1 Hits
Read and Write Database Files Using ADO (code snippet): 1 Hits
Split a String into Numbers using Separators (code snippet): 1 Hits
Split a Filename into Path, File, and Extension (code snippet): 1 Hits
User Interface Buttons (code snippet): 1 Hits
Version Convert (code snippet): 1 Hits
Utility ~ ACC2GED (CSV to GEDCOM) Download and Run: 1 Hits